Covid Update

This time separated from our community has been hard, but it has also given us new insights to see the struggles of others and possible ways we can help each other day to day and in the future. Fortunately, now with vaccines available we have new hope for the days ahead.

For us here at Emerson we have isolated in place for over two years and we are excited to be fully reopening in July 15, 2022, and come back even stronger with a fuller community outings calendar and a few design upgrades to Emerson this summer.

Being isolated for two years confirmed to us how important a home environment is, as well as the supports and love that comes with it. It also showed us how important our community connections, friends, and family are.

For most of us we will start to reconnect with friends and go back out in the community once it is safe, but for many seniors in long term care who were isolated from the community and friends long before the pandemic hit; they do not have the resources or family nearby to get back into the community or out into nature. As a result, they often suffer from social and community isolation as well as nature deprivation even when there isn’t a pandemic. And for that reason, we want to partner with our community to find volunteers to help us get seniors back out in the community and back into nature.

Our goal here at Emerson is to not only provide a beautiful supportive loving home and environment, but also to partner with community volunteers to offer opportunities for seniors to reconnect with the community and experience some of the little pleasures in life as soon as it is safe. Some seniors may wish to stay closer to home and that is fine, but for those that want to venture farther out we will plan drives and community outings.

Plus once the pandemic is over we will enjoy our own community and area attractions like Olbrich Gardens, History Museum, Madison Park Pontoon rides, Merrimac Ferry to Devil’s Lake, the Union Terrace, and more; plus time to be out in nature.