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Assisted Living Facility in Madison

Assisted living is the perfect option for those who need care and assistance with daily tasks. It can be intimidating thinking about moving into a completely new place, but here at Emerson Senior Living, we make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Life doesn’t have to become more difficult as you age. Our 24-hour on-staff professional caregivers are ready to assist with our residents’ needs. From medication assistance and nurse visits to community activities and appointments, the staff at Emerson is eager to serve our seniors.

Emerson Senior Living offers the following levels of care and services at our assisted living facility in Madison.



For a high-quality, full-service assisted living facility in Madison, choose Emerson Senior Living. With the help of our compassionate and caring staff, our seniors discover they have more free time to enjoy an enriching life. With Emerson, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in a safe and comfortable living environment. Contact our assisted living facility in Madison today for more details!

Supportive Living For Madison Seniors.

We offer a supportive living option for those who need 24-hour senior care in Madison but not assisted living.

Supportive living is another service at our senior care community in Madison offered at a lower monthly rate than assisted living. So it’s an excellent option for seniors who need assistance and motivation to maintain their nutrition, hydration, and safety. Yet, they do not need full personal care assistance. Supportive living is excellent for seniors who can live more independently but want the comfort and security of 24-hour caregivers and service when needed. We create personalized plans for each resident based on their specific needs. Whether this is a short-term living situation for you or you will be staying for a while, supportive living offers flexibility and independence.



Moving away from your own home doesn’t mean that you have to lose the life you once had. Our facility offers life-enhancing services that keep your independence while helping you with tasks you can no longer accomplish on your own.

With home-cooked meals and cozy private rooms, life at Emerson’s senior care community in Madison doesn’t just feel like home—it is home. Here, our senior residents are treated just like family. At Emerson, we encourage friends and family to visit our Madison senior care residence! Schedule your tour today! The more, the merrier.

Additional Options for Couples

Moving into an assisted living residence isn’t always just for one person. One spouse needs supportive living, and the other requires a higher level of assisted living. We understand that couples often transition into this new stage of life. Usually, the transition is made more accessible when both people move to assisted living, even if one doesn’t need as much extra care.

Assisted Living Options for Couples in Madison (One spouse is supportive living and the other spouse is assisted living)

Emerson Senior Living has assisted living options for Madison couples where only one partner needs services. We are happy to offer a private suite for a couple with only one resident receiving assisted living services.

Your spouse may require more help than you can provide. We know how hard it can be to see your spouse age and need more assistance. Our trained caregivers at Emerson Senior Living can help your loved one with everyday needs. We offer 24/7 professional care, including medical assistance, transportation, hygiene, and more.

We offer several assisted living options for couples in Madison. Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom living arrangement or residing in separate bedrooms would be easier because of your spouse’s needs, we have the perfect living situation to make your life comfortable and more enjoyable.

Why Move To Assisted Living With Your Spouse?

There are many benefits to moving into assisted living with your spouse. It allows for a familiar face right from the start of moving in. You can still enjoy living together while getting the care you need. Also, instead of paying rent or a mortgage in addition to assisted living, you could pay less with our assisted living program for couples in Madison. Finally, our needs change as we age. Having both residents living at Emerson allows for those needs to be quickly addressed.

Contact our senior housing and elderly care team in Madison for more information.

Emerson Senior Living offers a full array of services, plus those extra personal touches that promote independence, happiness, and wellness.