Veterans Benefits Programs

Financial Assistance For Veterans In Assisted Living

Aid & Attendance is a federal benefit provided through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Eligible veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, or couples can receive up to approximately $2,000 per month.

You may qualify for financial aid to help cover the costs of Assisted Living. The VA Aid & Attendance Benefit is a special “monthly pension” available to U.S. wartime veterans or surviving spouses of wartime veterans who currently need the aid and attendance of a caregiver to meet their daily needs.

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How do you qualify for the benefit?

There is no cost involved in applying for this benefit. The VA pays this pension directly to the claimant. There are local benefit administrators to assist qualifying veterans to apply for this benefit and collect all the necessary documents, plus there is no fee to apply. Medical forms signed by a doctor and stating that the veteran is in need of daily living assistance are very important documents that must be included for approval.

How can this help veterans?



Surviving Spouse

Single Veteran

Married Veteran

Two Vets Married

Monthly Benefit Amount