About Us


Caregiver_XS2Emerson Senior Living is dedicated to creating and designing full-service senior living homes that inspire creativity along with personal expression and growth.

Our homes are designed to offer a true home-like environment and look, for a true sense of feeling at home.

Emerson Senior Living is dedicated to recognizing each senior’s individual preferences and lifestyles to offer the respect and dignity all seniors deserve.

Emerson Senior Living will promote personal choice, self-determination, and offer an environment that promotes active aging, wellness, safety, privacy, equality, creativity, and individuality.


To design and manage senior living homes that inspire seniors to live life to the fullest and that are also an inviting fun gathering place for family, friends, and the community.


  • We believe in the ageless spirit in all of us and that age should not be a factor in living life to the fullest.
  • We believe that every senior has the right to be treated individually with respect, kindness, and a gentle helping hand.
  • We believe in delivering the highest quality of lifestyle options, programs, and services.
  • We believe that old fashioned hospitality, customer service, understanding, and follow through are key to receiving higher standards of service and care.
  • We believe that seniors can remain young at heart if given opportunities to remain active, joyful and express their dreams and individuality.
  • We believe in life-long learning and the desire to create and build new memories as well as cherish older memories.
  • We believe in a team approach to service and cares with the resident as the center of the team.
  • We believe that caregivers and those working closet to seniors are to be recognized, appreciated, and honored for the work and care they provide.
  • We believe in celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of seniors and that together with our community we can advocate for the highest quality of services to promote independence, health and fulfillment of life for seniors.
  • We believe seniors have the rights  to live independently, to age actively with creativity and dignity, and to continue to utilize their creative minds to learn, grow, create, and contribute to society and that the right to such creativity and self-determination are vital elements of aging actively, productively, and happily
  • We believe in promoting inter-generational programs and community inclusion for all seniors with or without (dis)Abilities and in partnering with our community to celebrate the magic of life and to honor the lifetime achievements, worth, and dreams of our seniors.