Dane County Senior Coalitions

“Senior Coalitions have primary responsibility for programs and services for older adults. Serving designated geographic areas, these focal point agencies provide the entry points through which older persons—and their families—access a broad array of programs and services”.

If you do not know which Senior Coalition serves your neighborhood call the ADRC at 240-7400 and they will let you know.

Madison Senior Coalitions

East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging
4142 Monona Dr.
Madison WI 53716
Phone: 608-223-3100
Fax: 608-223-3102
Website: www.emmca.org
Contact: Sonya Lindquist
Email: sonyal@emmca.org
South Madison Coalition of the Elderly
128 E. Olin Ave., Suite 110
Madison WI 53713
Phone: 608-251-8405
Fax: 608-251-9028
Website: www.smcelder.com
Contact: Marcia Hendrickson
Email: hendrickson@smcelder.com
 North/Eastside Senior Coalition
1625 Northport Dr. #125
Madison WI 53704
Phone: 608-243-5252
Fax: 608-243-5259
Website: www.nescoinc.org
Contact: Jim Krueger
Email: jkrueger@nescoinc.org
 West Madison Senior Coalition
517 N. Segoe Rd. #309
Madison WI 53705
Phone: 608-238-7368
Fax: 608-238-1260
Website: www.westmadisonseniorcoalition.org
Contact: Ingrid Kundinger
Email: ingridk@westmadisonseniorcoalition.org

Rural Area Focal Points

Belleville Senior Center
130 S. Vine St.
Belleville WI 53508
Phone: 608-424-6007
Fax: 608-424-1552
Contact: Karen Stremikis, Director
Email: bseniors@frontier.com
Colonial Club Senior Activity Center
301 Blankenheim Ln.
Sun Prairie WI 53590
Phone: 608-837-4611
Fax: 608-837-9302
Website: www.colonialclub.org/
Contact: Bob Power, Director
Email: rpower@colonialclub.org
 DeForest Area Community & Senior Center
505 N. Main St.
DeForest WI 53532
Phone: 608-846-9469
Fax: 608-846-2621
Website: www.thecommunitycornerstone.org
Contact: Linda Green, Director
Email: lgreen@thecommunitycornerstone.org
Fitchburg Senior Center
5510 E. Lacy Rd.
Fitchburg WI 53711
Phone: 608-270-4290
Fax: 608-270-4296
Website: www.city.fitchburg.wi.us/departments/seniorCenter/index.php
Contact: Jill McHone, Director
Email: jill.mchone@city.fitchburg.wi.us
McFarland Senior Outreach Services
5915 Milwaukee St.
P.O. Box 110
McFarland WI 53558
Phone: 608-838-7117
Fax: 608-838-3619
Website: www.villageofmcfarland.net/senioroutreachservices
Contact: Ingrid Thompson, Director
Email: ingrid.thompson@mcfarland.wi.us
Middleton Senior Center
7448 Hubbard Ave.
Middleton WI 53562
Phone: 608-831-2373
Fax: 608-831-4923
Website: www.ci.middleton.wi.us/Senior/default.asp
Contact: Jill Kranz, Director
Email: jkranz@ci.middleton.wi.us
Northwest Dane Senior Services
1940 Blue Mounds St., Suite 2
Black Earth WI 53515
Phone: 608-767-3757
Fax: 608-767-3782
Website: www.nwdss.org
Contact: Angela Velasquez, Director
Email: angelavnwdss@tds.net
Oregon Area Senior Center
219 Park St.
Oregon WI 53575
Phone: 608-835-5801
Fax: 608-835-9299
Website: www.vil.oregon.wi.us
Contact: Alison Koelsch, Director
Email: akoelsch@vil.oregon.wi.us
Southwest Dane Senior Outreach
107 N. Grove St.
Mt. Horeb WI 53572
Phone: 608-437-6902
Fax: 608-437-3190
Website: www.mounthorebwi.info
Contact: Lynn Forshaug, Director
Email: swdaneoutreach@mounthorebwi.info
Stoughton Senior Center
248 W. Main St.
Stoughton WI 53589
Phone: 608-873-8585
Fax: 608-873-8162
Website: www.ci.stoughton.wi.us/senior
Contact: Cindy McGlynn, Director
Email: cmcglynn@ci.stoughton.wi.us
Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St.
Verona WI 53593
Phone: 608-845-7471
Fax: 608-848-2784
Website: www.veronaseniorcenter.com
Contact: Diane Lanaville, Director
Email: diane.lanaville@ci.verona.wi.us
Waunakee Senior Center
333 South Madison St.
Waunakee WI 53597
Phone: 608-849-8385
Fax: 608-849-8387
Website: www.vil.waunakee.wi.us
Contact: Cindy Cook-Mosiman, Director
Email: cmosiman@vil.waunakee.wi.us