“Mom is so happy there and for us that means the world. It is wonderful that Mom seems to have left all her cares and worries behind when she moved in”.

“Your place is a hidden gem and we are blessed you have welcomed Mom there”.

“Emerson House rocks!!  Our 91 year mother has been a member of the household for almost a year now and we all are so thrilled she lives there.  She is happy and comfortable and since she can no longer live alone, she feels very fortunate to be there.
“As her family, we are very secure in her comfort and safety.  The staff treats her like a queen and they go way beyond to make sure she is happy and content.  Since she is a late sleeper and doesn’t like to get up for breakfast, the staff brings her the paper, a glass of orange juice and hot coffee every morning when she wakes up.  She gets along great with all the other residents and they are indeed “one big, happy family”.  God Bless Emerson!!”

“All of us were in amazement of the surroundings but more importantly of the warm and comforting feeling we all felt after being in the house for only a matter of minutes. It was though our anxieties were calmed and we had sense of relief that this could be our mother’s next home. It was almost spiritual and we all knew this was the place”.

“I love it here and think of it as my home now.”